i'm a beetch.

leave a comment if we talk. i'm not picky about adding friends.
i just don't want to have my journal on public display.



i'm going to europe.

roffles lololol.
i've been talking about this trip every single day for a month!
finally! imma get this shit over with and shut up about it because nobody cares!


wait. no i'm not. ROFL.

Sorry, I really had to mock you all. I'm tired of hearing about it and it's finally gonna be over!

Have fun (even though I'm bitter that you all drove me insane for a month)!
Really, ya'll. Thanks for filling every day with chatter about europe, shitty musicals, and every tv show imaginable.

enjoy this random shit i've gathered on the i-netz.
anusjuice? no, no! beetlejuice! ... hey guys, what is Emily on? ZFOMGSR IM ON EH UR A PEE PEE HEAD INSANITY TRIP!Collapse )

What is Brown Pants?!

Recent visits downtown have lead the AIACrew to run into a rather... peculiar being. We have dubbed this being "brown pants," as whenever we see him, he is wearing brown pants. As the weird encounters continued, we found him rather stalker-esque.

I became determined to get a picture of him (so as to further ridicule him and to put a face to the stalker we constantly tell the most odd stories about). Unfortunately, I have not yet attained a face-shot. But, I have tried to recreate brown pants' unusual walk from two photos I do have of him. It didn't turn out quiet right, but it shows somewhat of his walk. See for yourself.

Suddenly, something hit me. I've seen this creature before... but where? A good 1 minute of searching and I had it. The truth behind what brown pants really is and why he's so strange, all answered in a single discovery? Yes, it's true! I have discovered that brown pants is really a...Collapse )